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Models and Modeling

Harmonized data from standardized litter experiments have already proven to be very useful in developing simulation models of litter decomposition process.

The tea-bag-approach makes it possible to take measurements of litter decomposition at a high resolution both temporally and spatially. These data are unique and very useful for calibrating litter decomposition models, improving their reliability and upscaling the results to various ecosystems.

At the moment, the Yasso model has been used for model validation and forecasting based on TeaComposition data (Didion et al., 2016). Other models are encouraged to join - using different models to simulate the decomposition of standardized litter provides means to analyze the differences in assumptions, model structure and scales and to identify gaps in knowledge and to improve the reliability of model-calculated results.

The standardized data produced in the TeaComposition initiative combined with data on the decomposition of local litter will improve the model comparisons.

Yasso - soil carbon model

A dynamic model to calculate the amount of soil carbon, changes in soil carbon and heterotrophic soil respiration.


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