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Data policy and processes

Outputs, benefits, data and IPR

Database and data analyses: TeaComposition data will be collected in a common database. The database will allow syntheses and assessment of the influence of ecosystem types, land use and key drivers of change on key ecosystem processes across the networks and sites involved. Also, potentially the relationship of the tea decomposition dynamic to local litter decomposition may be evaluated. In addition, the database will be aligned with similar databases for other corresponding ecosystem networks allowing for global analyses and model applications.

Data availability: The data will be available to all partners in the network who contributed and can be conditionally used. This will involve open data access processes where everyone will be notified and asked for the use of their data and with a chance to join, interact or interfere.

Papers and IPR: One high level syntheses paper is intended based on this activity and all sites who contributed will be offered co-authorship for this. For further papers, we will adopt the same data policies as used in other global networks (ILTER, NutNet, Drought-Net etc.) and follow the Vancouver guidelines. This means that site data can be used by others without automatically leading to co-authorship rights accepting that co-authorship requires academic and scientific input that is not fulfilled by contributing data alone. Further co-authorship rights therefore require more substantial inputs than just the data.

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