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Data management

Data will be managed by Klaus S. Larsen, University of Copenhagen.
Data reporting from each site are done via a common data reporting template.
Templates for data reporting – (See box to the right)

General remark for reporting data

  • Decomposition data is reported in “xls” files – USE provided template
  • Climate data from the site should preferably be reported on daily resolution (if available) - monthly resolution can be accepted if daily is not available (use same template as for decomposition data).
  • Climate data from the nearest weather station must be report IF SITE SPECIFIC climate cadat IS NOT AVAILABLE. (must be indicated in the template files).
  • Do NOT CHANGE the templates at all (no adding of columns or similar)! They must be used as they are – otherwise we will not be able to correctly extract your data.
  • Only the green marked rows can be edited.
  • Add your data to the template. The first data line in the template file shows an example - just leave this line in the file and add your data in the below. If you do not have data for a parameter, you just leave the cell empty – alternatively use “NA” for missing data.
  • Save the file with the CORRECT FILE NAME!! = keep the file name AND add “_siteID” for your site before the “.xls” extension. Your “site ID” is provided by Ika Djukic.
  • If you provide daily climate data you do not have to fill in the monthly climate data template.
  • Templates should be sent to

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