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The overall perspectives of the TeaComposition initiative are:

  • Global comparison: Several global networks are involved in the TeaComposition initiative allowing robust inter-site comparison.

  • Common dataset: TeaComposition provides a common dataset on decomposition and C turnover allowing robust syntheses and analyses and for reference to other studied factors.

  • Linking experiments and observation: The TeaComposition initiative allows application in distributed observational and experimental initiatives to advance global environmental change research.

  • Added value to observations: TeaComposition provides added value to observational data, which may have a limitation in understanding site specific multiple and often interacting drivers.

  • Involve experiments: TeaComposition involves application in experimental studies allowing to disentangle the influencing drivers on the litter decomposition.

  • Link to site specific litter: TeaComposition offers a link to decomposition studies with local litter allowing parameterization and verification for simulation models.

  • Linking terrestrial and aquatic studies: The TeaComposition initiative links terrestrial to aquatic decomposition process through the TeaComposition H2O initiative.

  • Collaboration and data sharing: The initiative serves as an example of collaboration and data sharing as well as an example on how to make best use of legacy data set combined with simply “add –on” approaches.

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