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Who are we?

The Teacomposition initiative is led by an international group of scientists with long experience in observational and experimental biogeochemical studies:


Ika Djukic, Environment Agency Austria

Scientific Research Board

Inger K. Schmidt, University of Copenhagen
Klaus Steenberg-Larsen, University of Copenhagen
Claus Beier, University of Copenhagen and COST Action ClimMani chair
Kris Verheyen, University of Gent
Björn Berg, University of Helsinki

Scientific advisors

Jari Liski, Finnish Meteorological Institute
Harald Pauli, Austrian Academy of Science
Per Gundersen, University of Copenhagen
Knute Nadelhofer, University of Michigan

Networks associated and contacts persons

ILTER: Michael Mirtl (michael.mirtl@umweltbundesamt.at)

GLORIA: Harald Puli (harald.pauli@oeaw.ac.at)

TreeDivNet: Kris Verheyen (Kris.Verheyen@UGent.be)

TeaComposition H2O: Stacey Trevathan-Tackett (s.trevathantackett@deakin.edu.au)

ClimMani: Claus Beier (cbe@ign.ku.dk) or Inger K. Schmidt (iks@ign.ku.dk)

INTERACT: Terry Callaghan (terry_callaghan@btinternet.com )

TERENO: Ralf Kiese (ralf.kiese@kit.edu)

DIRT: Kate Lajtha (kate.lajtha@oregonstate.edu)

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