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Acknowledgements and sponsors


The original idea to use Tea Bags as a standardized matrix for decomposition was published by Joost Keuskamp (Keuskamp et al. 2013). Adapted by Ika Djukic (Vandvik et al., in prep) to match global and long-term applications.


UNILEVER has supplied 63.000 teabags of Roiboos and Green Tea.


The COST action ClimMani (ES1308) has contributed a strong platform for discussions of the need for common metrics in experimental science and through short term travel grants facilitated discussions and fine tuning of methodology and data handling. (

ILTER – Champion Grant

The implementation of the TeaComposition initiative is supported through an annual champion grant. ILTER provided an excellent infrastructure to implement the TeaComposition initiative and a common metric for studying decomposition and C dynamics and storage will provide a strong tool for inter-site comparison within the network as well as with other global networks.

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